Taylor Allen Force was born in Houston, Texas then moved to the mountains of New Mexico. He loved skiing and was a third-generation Eagle Scout. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute and became president of the National Honor Society. He then joined the United States Military Academy at West Point, following in his grandfather’s footsteps, a 1947 West Point graduate and Korean War veteran. 

Taylor became a Field Artillery Officer and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan on separate combat tours to heroically serve his nation and fight for freedom. After the Army he began his Masters Program at Vanderbilt University. He was on a school-sponsored trip to Israel to learn about and work with Israeli entrepreneurs and startup companies when he was brutally murdered by an Islamic terrorist in Tel Aviv. 

Not far from where he was murdered, in Tel Aviv, land has been slated to become "The Taylor Force Orchard".

Terrorists want to take away life, our answer is to bring NEW life! 

Taylor was good at life, and helped others succeed as well. He was inclusive and created friendships with everyone he came into contact with. He was the person that said, “let’s go”, not the person that asked to come along. Taylor's family recently traveled overseas. Recognizing that many people feel their pain and want to do something meaningful in Taylor's memory, they kindly ask everyone to plant fruit trees in the Holy Land. 

Join the thousands of others to remember Taylor an American Hero! 
Together we will plant a beautiful tribute to Taylor and create NEW life!

"When you come to Israel Plant FRUIT trees" (Leviticus 19:23) 
"And I will bless those who bless you" (Genesis 12:3) 
Planting fruit trees brings blessing to the people and the Land!

Now you can do something in memory of Taylor soul by simply CLICKING HERE to plant a tree in the new Taylor Force Orchard located near the site of his tragic murder in Tel Aviv.

ADDED BONUS: This is the first Planting season after Shmittah (the Sabbatical year) so Israeli farmers are looking to plant much more than usual and you can share in their blessing and holy work.


Trees4Taylor is a project of Zo Artzeinu which has helped plant more fruit trees that any other organization in Israel.

Note: Organizations and groups who plant 100 trees or more collectively will have a sign with their name installed at their very own grove in the "Taylor Force Orchard". We will then mail you a photo of the Orchard with your sign to proudly frame and display.

Project endorsed by

Taylor Force's family

Taylor Force Congressional Act Legistlation

US Senators Introduce Taylor Force Act! Legislation to Stop Funding Terror Attacks - More

Army Capt. Force Deployed in Afghanistan
Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA
Presentation of sabres to grandsons attending West Point at their graduation
Taylor at Graduation with Grandparents
Taylor skiing, his favorite pastime
With classmates on trip in Aqaba Jordan
Football at West Point with Mom and Sister
President of the National Honor Society
Third Generation Eagle Scout

Order YOUR tree now!

We will plant it in

the Holy Land at the

"Taylor Force Orchard"

Planting trees in Israel

Order YOUR tree now!

We will plant it in

the Holy Land at the

"Taylor Force Orchard"

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